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A Christian Food Pantry

Join Us to End Hunger. We Need Your Help Donation

We are grateful for all the donations A Christian Food Pantry receives that enable it to give back to the community.

Donate today, and help us end hunger!

Every $1 Donation Provides 16 Meals!

$100 provides 1,600 meals.
$500 provides 8,000 meals.
$1,000 provides 16,000 meals.
$5,000 provided 80,000 meals.

We provide several hundred thousand meals per month.


A Christian Food Pantry appreciates all of our great volunteers. With your help, we are able to continuously serve our community. We always need and wish to have more volunteers. We welcome all individuals or groups who want to provide their time to help us serve more people. We are committed to showing respect and grace to our clients, and we are hoping to see more people with the same vision here.

Join us today! Make an impact! Please click the link to fill out the form if you are interested in helping others with your time.

A Christian Food Pantry